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Our Blow Moulding Machines are available in different types of models. These are well equipped with multiple facet application features. Our blow moulding machine is used for the production of pharmaceutical & cosmetic bottles and containers for paint, milk, gum, ink, ice, motor or engine oil etc. The blow moulding machine made by our company is also used for manufacturing of automotive parts, water tanks, toy parts, industrial packaging, square and round jars etc. We supply different types of blow moulding machines varying with containing capacity. Plastic Automatic Blow Moulding Machines are available in different types of models that is used for many applications.

Applications :
•  Suited for the production of pharmaceutical & cosmetic bottles and containers for paint, milk, gum, ink, motor/engine oil etc.
•  Items like automotive parts like oil tanks, bellows, ducks, thermo-ware, water tanks and toy parts like children's cycle seat and tyre are molded in these machines.
•  Industrial packaging, square and round jars for edible oil packaging, lub/motor oil packaging, automobile items etc.
•  Hollow Article for amusement parks and water storage and transportation tanks.
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Semi automatic Pet Preform Stretch Blow Moulding Machine
Machine With Preform Pre-heating I.R Rotary conveyor oven
Model K&C – 1000 – 2 B.
Suitable to make 200ml – 1000ml Bottles in 2 cavity
Out – Put : 600 – 700 Bottles / Hr. 

Technical Specification : 
1. VOLUME : 100 / 1000ml
2. Out – Put : 600 – 700 Bottles / Hr.
3. Neck – Dia : 19 – 28mm
4. Cavity : 2
5. Heater – Power : 9 Kw
6. He Bar Distance : 285mm
7. Mould Width : 280mm
8. Mould Thickness : 140mm
9. Cavity Distance : 135mm
10. Claming Stroke : 150mm
11. Working Pressure : 8 Kg / Cm2
12. Blowing Pressure : 15 Kg / Cm2
13. Air – Consumption : 0.45M3 / Min
14. Operation : Hydro Pneu

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Description : Main body steel fabricated. Injection unit made of special grade steel mounted horizontally on the frame of the body. Injection is achieved by warm powered hydraulic pressure. The feeding unit, which operators hydraulically feeds fixed quantity of raw material automatically to the injection unit. Moulds are clamped between the master plates which operates hydraulically all operations are auto injected by hydraulic & electric circuit with panel board.
Specifications :
Clamping Force :        80 Tons
Capacity :        100 Gms
Opening of clamping :        610mm
Total Mould opening :        305mm
Pump :        Yuken
Releif Valve :        Yuken
Pump Motor :        10 H.P.
Screw Motor :        Hydro
Heating Capacity :        5 Kw
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Suitable to crush / grind any kind of plastic material for the recycling of the plastic products. Made of Mild Steel with heavy duty Blades driven through electric motor.

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