Pharmaceutical Machine (Tablet Section)

( To mix the semi solid )
The machine has a horizontal U-shape vessel Suitable for mixing of dry and wet materials. Mixing is efficiently done by ribbon type blades which are placed along the shaft to ensure that all the material even in the smallest portion are distributed evenly in the total mass. Highly polished Stainless Steel to ensure that no contamination takes place. Seals at both ends of shaft prevent lubricants from entering into mixing chamber. A Stainless Steel cover with window is provided for visual observations of mixing process. Discharge is provided at the bottom.Driven through Electric Motor
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(To make Granules)
The  machine is based on the principle of variable force provided by a set of blades and scrapers which have both sharp and impact edges to ensure efficient wet/dry granulation and pulverisation of materials. The unit is portable and hence can be moved within the department to any area for efficient operation. All parts coming in contact with material can be dismantled easily to ensure proper cleaning so that contamination does not take place. All contact parts are made of highly polished stainless steel of standard make to give speed of 750/1500/2300/3000 RPM. Unit complete with 1 set of 12 blades 2 scrapers 1 screen of your choice. Driven through 3 H.P. Electric Motor
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 (A) PAN : SS 304 semi ellipsoidal size pan with a circular mouth for charging & discharging of tablets Pan mounted at an inclination of 45 degrees to the horizontal.

(B) DRIVE ASSEMBLY: Consists of a suitable HP 3 Phase, 440 V, and 1440-RPM motor with suitable worm reduction gearbox and cone pulley arrangement to give three-speed output.

(C) HOT AIR BLOWER : The unit is provided with a hot air blower consisting of suitable HP 3 Phase 440 V, 2880-RPM  electric motor & centrifugal blower with damper delivering required CFM. The air is heated by means of   suitable electric heater to give air at 30 to 90 degrees Heater with thermostat control and flexible hose pipe
(D) CONTROL PANEL: Unit provided with suitable control panel with starters and push button to actuate the drive and for blower.
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(To take equal size of granules)                                                                  
The unit is an all purpose sifter used for separation of different sizes of particles existing in powder or granules. Efficient separation is ensured by gyratory motion imparted to each individual particle through an unbalanced fly wheel driven by 2 H.P. motor standard make. The unit is also portable so that it can be moved around for the efficient functioning within the department. All contact parts are made of SS 304 Quality highly polished material and are easily dismantleable to ensure proper cleaning so that the contamination does not take place. An extremely simple arrangement is provided in the fly wheel to increase or decrease vibration.
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•  Square GMP Table Top Model
•  Centre drive fitted with Gearbox
•  Paint free tablet manufacturing zone
•  Turret of Special Grade S.G. Iron casting
•  Upper punch penetreation, as a standard features
•  Electronic. Digital Tablet cum RPM Counter, as a standard features.
•  Inter lock Switches to all Guards, as a stadrad features
•  A.C. Variable Drive, as a stadrad features
•  Pre-Compression facitility as a standard features
•  Lower Guard of polished Stainless Steel & Upper Guards of Acrylic Material.
•  Aluminum Turret Guards
•  Imported needle roller bearing provided at the bottom of turret.
•  Anti Vibating mount.
•  Reverse direction motion protection is provided to avoid accident.
•  Grease Nipples are provided for effective lubrication, where required
•  The machine is available with force feeding attachment (Optionally)
•  The machine is available with poly carbonate upper guards (Optionally).
•  The machine is available with PLC control system.
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(To Dry Semi - Solid)
Suitable for quick drying of crystals, powders and medium sized pellets. The unit is housed in a robustly constructed Stainless steel cabinet attractively finished with highly polished. The air inside the drier is heated by tubular heating elements in electrically heated tubular heating elements in electrically heated driers and Radiators/Steam coils with finns in steam heated drier. The unit is fitted with an efficient dynamically balanced fan driven by a vertical electric motor. An adjustable air inlet damper is providerd for controlling the airflow. All contact parts namely the product container and the Retarding chamber are made of S.S. ‘304’ quality. The drier has a set of Finger Bags manufactured from special cotton cloth. Unit provided with electrical fitting such as starter, Timer, Temperature Controller with Digital Display, Ammeter pilot lights etc. Driven through
5 H.P. Electric Motor with 18 Kw. Heaters
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Cabinet type drying oven suitable for drying of granular material/powders/slurries etc. Unit made of mild steel sheets supported on a sturdy angular frame. It is double walled and the space between walls is insulated with material/powder/Slurries. Best quality glass wool to ensure that there is no drop in internal temperature. The material is loaded on trays which can either be directly put into the chamber on fixed angular supports or on a trolley depending upon the model of the unit. Efficient cross flow of air is ensured by a system to specially designed fans and air inlet. A dial type thermometer is provided along with other electrical fittings such as motor, starter, indicator lamps etc. for efficient functioning of the unit
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